Thursday, September 15, 2011

And with fall comes....

So summer is finally over, and what a wild ride it’s been! I truly want to thank everyone I had the privilege to work with over the summer and to everyone who came out to see any of my shows. You’ve helped make this the most intense summer of my life; this is one I will never forget! Between cutting my teeth as a busker, inventing a new poi trick (which made the cover of the Sudbury Star!)and doing more shows in 3 months than I did all of 2010 this has really been an absolutely massive season.

If you haven’t caught it yet I recommend checking out the video that I posted from the time I spent in Sudbury for Summerfest 2011. You can see it here:

Sudbury Summerfest is a great festival that I’ve been performing at the past two years and I look to be set to return in 2012 as well. I had a fantastic time there on and off the stage and am already excited for when I get return. I have been working with a number of photographers over the summer as well and have some great new images to share which you can see at the top of this post for now, and I will be adding more to the gallery some time next week.

The summer may be over but I definitely don’t have much time to relax! Tomorrow I’m flying back to my home town of Halifax where I may end up doing a few street shows if the timing and the weather cooperates. I would love to show my old stomping ground all the things I’ve learned since I moved. When I return I’ll be performing at Bymark at the Toronto Dominion Center next week on Wednesday September 21st at 7:00PM so if you’re wondering when the next time you will be able to catch me, it’s this Wednesday!

As always I stay active on Twitter and Facebook so follow or add me there through the links at the bottom left of my webpage and get in touch with me. If you saw one of my shows and liked it, or you thought it sucked, either way I’d love to hear from you. I hope you all had a great summer too and I look forward to setting my face on fire for you again soon.

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