Sunday, May 29, 2011

Nearly summer

So if you're reading this from you might notice a few changes. This weekend I added a page on my safety policy, a list of some venues and events I've performed at in the past and a description of the circus skills that I use in my show. So now if you didn't already you'll have a better idea of what the drakeshow is all about. What do you think of the changes? Drop me a line on the contact page, I'd love to hear from you, seriously!

So the free show thing didn't really work out. That's ok, I'll just stick to setting my face on fire instead of trying to do this social media marketing thing. :) speaking of setting my face on fire, may has been a very busy month!  I've had a crazy amount of shows, one day I had 5 in 3 cities! Whew! My face was warm that night! 

I also took 2 trips to the states for training and skill sharing retreats with some other artists. I love events like this because if gives me a chance to really focus on the fire art on it's own away from client demands or budget restrictions and I can come up with new material that ends up being s part if my stage and street shows that I can then share with all of you.

Thanks for reading! I don't know why but I find I'm far better at updating twitter and Facebook than I am the news blog. If you ever want to check out what I'm up to and you've already read my last blog post then head over to with of those with the icon links on the bottom right of the site.

Stay hot.