Thursday, August 20, 2009

Having the time of my life

Wow there’s been a lot going on. First off the music video that I did with Three Star Seed has been released! You can see I'm On Fire on youtube but I also embedded it into the video page here on Check it out and see me, Clint, and One Arm Bob representing the side show arts with the boys from Three Star Seed! Comment on this blog or on the video itself and let me know what you think.

Two weeks ago I was filmed for a couple scenes in Happy Town which is a new TV series premiering on ABC in the Fall. I’m not sure where my scenes are in the story but I was on set during filming for the first 3 episodes. I’ll post again here when I know the air dates but for now I’m still excited that I’m going to be on TV, however briefly. Woo!

I was also asked to be part of a Pfizer web commercial which was filmed last week. It will be featured on the website and other places, but I’m not sure where else at the moment. Again I’ll post here when it’s available for viewing. Like I said it’s been busy!

Last but definitely not least, I spent a few nights visiting my fire family in Boston and volunteering with the Boston Burning Truck. The BBT is a great project where a bunch of volunteers get together and send their collective gear on 53’ shipping containers to Black Rock City in Nevada for Burning Man. This is relevant to me because, I’m going to Burning Man! This will be my first time at the event and also my first time going so far west. I don’t know what will be in store for me there, but I’m as excited and prepared as I can possibly be. Next entry I’ll tell you how it went.

Take care!